1 Use of Personal Information
Les Chalets d'Auvergne is committed to protecting the privacy of users of its site and wishes to inform them of its privacy policy regarding the collection and use of personal information transmitted to it. In order to use the site's features, certain user details are collected and may be accessed by the administrator of Les Chalets d'Auvergne or its authorized representative. Personal information is used to identify users to facilitate, among other things, the payment process when the booking feature is eventually activated. In this regard, all user credit card data obtained during online transactions are handled and secured by appropriate measures taken by external companies specialized in online monetary transactions selected by Les Chalets d’Auvergne.

At no time will the information obtained from site users be made public or sold, nor disclosed to third parties without their consent, except under legal compulsion.

Any complaints regarding this privacy policy should be addressed directly to Les Chalets d’Auvergne.

Les Chalets d’Auvergne may at any time modify its privacy policy. It may also modify its site at any time and assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, reliability, or validity of the information contained on the site. The date of the last modification of this policy is indicated at the bottom of this text, and the user agrees to check each time they access the site to be aware of the latest modification and the revised text.

2 Access to the Site
By using the site www.leschaletsdauvergne.ca, the user acknowledges having understood and accepted the site's terms of use; otherwise, they must cease accessing the site. This site is owned by Les Chalets D’Auvergne, which may intervene, monitor access and its use. It may prohibit access to a user. By using the site, the user accepts such intervention from Les Chalets d’Auvergne.

3 Disclaimer of Warranty
Les Chalets d’Auvergne does not guarantee continuous and reliable access service, with an adequate interface, or free from computer viruses or elements that could damage the user's computer equipment.

The administrator of Les Chalets d’Auvergne or its authorized representative do not assume any liability and are not obligated to make any payment relating to any claim or damage resulting from the use of this site. The user's only recourse is to cease using this site.

The terms of use of this site are governed by the laws of Quebec and the applicable Canadian laws. Any dispute is subject exclusively to the Courts of Quebec.

4 Copyright
The information, details, texts, images, and other elements contained on the site www.leschaletsdauvergne are distributed for free and are protected by the intellectual property legislation in force in Canada. It is prohibited to copy, distribute, or use the content of this site in any way.

5 General
This privacy policy, as well as the terms and conditions of use described therein, constitute the agreement between the site user and Les Chalets d’Auvergne regarding the use of the site. It is the user's responsibility to review and verify the modification dates of the document each time they access the site. In the event a court deems any clause of this document invalid, such a decision will have no effect on the other clauses formulated therein.

Modification Date: April 9, 2024